12 Juli 2011

Nuts For Cookies!

So my friend, Gabriella Darmasaputra is now having a so-called little bussiness of making cookies. At first I'm sure it was just something to do to kill her spare times which the girl have almost too many cause she's just graduated from higschool. But anyway, I think the cookies is pretty much a hit now. One day we sat down to decide about the name and she came up with "I-wish-I-had-a-boy/girlfriend-Cookies" . I'm quite proud to say that I was the first one to try her creation. And did I mention for free?

I was surprised by the effort she made cause she wrapped them in a box with the ribbon on it. Hahahaha. But anyway, I wondered why she made cookies with absolutely no chocolate contained. It was oatmeal, raisins, vanilla and bananas. And so I found out that she is actually alregic to chocolate. That sucks!

Not a big fan of the Banana cookie but the raisins cookie was amazing! Milk and cookies can always light my mood. So thanks, Gab that was nice. Although now you won't let me have them for free. So those of you who want to order (and also wish to have a boy/girlfriend-- I know it sounds odd but trust me you'll get it when u buy it) can contact me! I just did a little promotion, I hope she'd bake a few more for me.

P.S some people wonder why I drink milk in a tea cup. Well, cause I think tea cups are pretty and so I think it's perfectly fine to milk on tea cups too! Have a great week!

3 komentar:

  1. aaaaand yes, young woman, you will get some cookies for free. which you can also get if you come to my house anytime. why'd you even ask? anything for a dear friend.

  2. Oh yes!! I think you're the only person who reads my blog. :O