14 Juli 2011



I'm an oversensitive, careless, weird gal. I prefer to be fat rather than having to stop eating good food for the rest of my life. I can only be extrovert to certain people and I don't like minding other people's business unless I really care about them. I'm very bad at projecting words or directly showing off love to people that I really really really love. But I say I love you to all of the people I had lots of fun with and I always say it cause I mean it. I sometimes can be very insecure. I can be very loud and immature but at some points I am a perfect loner and quite wise--as my friends say. The longer I live the less I understand life. I think grown ups are weird. I love hanging out with my cousins and friends or people as long as they're young or act like they're young. I like all kinds of music except screamo and cheap melancholy love songs, but I listen to lots of blues. I like being a girl. I write in CAPSLOCK a lot simply cause it looked funny. I enjoy coffee and gigs. I'm a sucker for men with beards and guitars who wears good jeans and good shoes. I love teddy bears and chocolate and going picnic as much as I love good parties. I think Buzz Lightyear is the coolest, ever. My role model is my history teacher, Bu Rari. I think the govs need to chillax and start working on their jobs instead of putting on shows for the media. I like art. I want to sing and play trumpet for a long time. I miss my dad and my brother and my long lost friend, pyut. Oh, and I just lost my iPod and haven't told mum yet.

I quite like being me.


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