12 Juli 2011


Went to see FHUI's 2011 JAMS. It was basically an event with some gigs. Went there with my lovely gig buddies Jeanne, Gaby and Indi. It was quite fun, and besides its on the last day of my holiday.

I love the venue so much, Gedung Komunitas Salihara. Located in Pasar Minggu. It was so comfortable although that night the street is so crowded and the parking lot is so small so we had to park all the way from the event location. Oh well. So I saw ;

Karnatra. Just discovered the band that day. I quite like em. They had a bit of a weird undescribeable gloomy feeling on their music that's similiar to the feelings when I listen to the Killers or Coldplay. I can't really figure out the exact word for it.

Respito, I also thought they're quite good caus their songs surprised me in some ways.

Adhitia Sofyan. Sitting and watching this guy play was one the most comforting things that I enjoy in my life. I mean just by sitting there and hum made me enjoy myself. That's why I love going to gigs so much.

Anda & The Joints. I liked them but I was completely envious by the lady singers. I wish I'm javanesse so I can have a perfect high indonesian lady voice. And by the way, I sat just inches behind Iga Massardi. Oh yes, that is another thing that made my night.

And of course, the mighty, mystical, The Trees and The Wild for the closing. Do I need to say more?

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