11 Juli 2011

Fab Supplies

I feel gay as in happy because recently just got some fab supplies as my birthday gifts. Weeks ago I was meeting my dear friend--Emily who just got back from the states, and she gave me a Marc Jacob's Daisy perfime plus a wonderful red dragon Chanel nail polish. I've been thinking of getting this perfume since I love the smell so much but I put the thought on the side because the price in Indonesia is almost IDR 300k pricier than the ones they sell in US. So I was happy she got it for me. In case she reads this: Thanks,Em! This is awesome he he.
And recently my mom also bought me The Perfume Workshop Ltd's Tea Rose. I also love the smell so much since I am a rose girl. I thought they don't sell it anymore because she had used it a long time ago. One day I found the empty bottle and told her how much I love the smell and she got me one. So thank you, Mom.

Oh, and this fabulous gold nail polish too :-)

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