21 Juni 2011

Sabang 16

Summer break is here! As we all know the cliche that time keeps on flying and all of a sudden I'm on my way of becoming a 12th grader. Wow, I know. But this month I probably not going travel or go anywhere, but I was pretty excited to do some projects and stuff since I have so much spare times now (which I haven't done any).

Anyways, days ago me and some friends had a brunch at probably my most favorite Coffee shop in town, Sabang 16. It is located on the corner of the Sabang street. The place is rather small, but very charming. And I noticed everytime I go it is never empty.

They have some basic comfort food and great breakfast menu. But each time, I keep ordering the same thing. And that is, their awesome French Toast that served with maple syrup and Hot Dilmah Peach / peppermint/ Lychee flavoured tea.

Having a great breakfast with good companions is always satisfying :)

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