27 Juni 2011

I am Upset

Ever since I read this graphic novel, I became very fond of cartoons. I was pretty interested before in western cartoon like the famous American Marvel and DC comics. But graphic novels are even better. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it's the union of pictures and words that creates such compelling medium!

So this is Life is Good If We Don't Weaken by a Canadian man named Seth. This book is about his search of finding a cartoonist named Jack Kalloway who used to draw gags in the newspaper and use the identity 'Kalo' on his drawings.
So at the end of this book the writer put some of the Kalo Drawings and I found them very very very interesting! And I was going through Google to find some other Kalo drawings but I found nothing. I typed : Jack Kalloway, Kalo, etc.

So anybody has some ways that I can try to find them?

Anyway, these are some pages from the book. I like them so much. American comics can picture an event in such different ways than the Japanesse ones. And I like how this book picture a single place and situation. So I would say this book feels like, a still movie.
And I also like the story, it's different and besides I've always liked reading people's thoughts.

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