30 April 2011

Rumah Kopi

The last time I went to Bandung with my former classmates I visited a restaurant that I thought very interesting to post here. Rumah Kopi is a charming and very comfy place. I pretty much like the old vintage feel. A good place to talk and have a good time, besides the price doesn't hurt at all. I was surprised when my friend showed me this place. The location is a bit desserted and outside it doesn't look very interesting or big. But I was quite happy when I went inside.

The view was great! We sat there and talk for hours. First round we had coffee and then we tried their lunch menu. The place has different feel each spot and I noticed lots of cats hanging around. But they won't bug tho. They just sit still and do what cats do.

Try a drink called Moon River. It's iced coffee with caramel and ice cream. Ultimate favorite all time. It tasted superb and the food was okay, I recommend you to try the uhm, zuppa soup. Hehe, but you know I figured Zuppa Soup tastes great wherever we eat them.

Have a great weekend.

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