17 Maret 2011

McGinley's Magic

I have been falling in love with this infamous Ryan McGinley's works. They are so amazing and dreamy and smart and unpredictable. Just like my mind. I spotted his works years ago from Ripple magazine's photo edition and fell in love with his photographs right away.

Seriously, that guy is awesome. He features bodies without making them look like some cheap porn but done it beautifully and real. He mentioned in one of his interview I read before that he's not the kind a guy who really thinks about photo theories and lighting and stuff. Great! Cause me neither :)

You can google them and find yourself amazed. Go do it now!

2 komentar:

  1. hey that's sigur ros' gobbledigook! go google it and you'll find the video.

  2. maybe we shud do nudes to be artsy. ???? HEHE