16 Februari 2011

Silla & Harrington

Couple of days ago before I went to see Jazz Night which was held in Canisius College with some friends, we stopped by in Grand Indonesia to have lunch and went window shopping. And we went to Level One. Oh, how I love this area. The store concept design are so cute! My favorite store was, of course the Silla & Harrington store!

The store sells beautiful wooden furniture, and other home stuffs too. The name Harrington probably comes from Harrington Home, that of course sells wonderful home stuff. And basically all things sweet. And that's why I love them so. Vintage and sweet, and inspiring!

The price is okay, so this store is highly recom! Anyway, they're having a web lunch this weekend! this is the poster,
And I even shared the invitation for you! You can print and bring it to the event and get 30% discount! I really want to go and probably will, but I have midterms on monday :( So we'll see! But anyways, I think it is going to be a great event to check out the store and also the whole Level One area! Have a great week, folks!

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