2 Februari 2011


I'm showing you some pictures I got from a walking talent named Dimas Wisnuwardono. He's my fave indie band, The Trees and The Wild's photographer, I think. That guy is nuts. I mean his works are so amazing, especially his stage photo since he is the band's photographer. And I realized that compared to his works mine pretty much suck to the core. :)
And these are some of his pictures taken by his facebook photo album, Road to Laneway Festival. (The festival I've been dying to see but never got a chance to do so)

Remedy Waloni :') (right)

Isn't he amazing hahaha. For more of his works just simply type Dimas Wisnwardono on facebook and go to his photo album.
Picture credits: all by Dimas Wisnuwardono, of course :)

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