2 Januari 2011

We Speak No Ibanish

Look who came to MaryJane's house to have a sleep over? Marley and I :D

that's me and Tassha. j o k i n g :D

Mary Jane and her blue pajamas!

Marley Hopped in to bed

It was fun. on the 30th me and Tassha went to sency, we did our hair on the saloon then shop at Teddy House for our teddy bears :D It is absolutely my favourite shop ever. They have the cutest thing for our teddys it was almost like shopping for our own babies. Then we talked about how much we want to have baby girl because we want to dress them :D aww
Then we went to Eliz's dinner. a friend of mine who's back in town. I miss her so. Then Me and Tassha had some sleepover afterwards! we talked until night and then wi sleep with soooo many dolls. Before that we eat a lot of stuffs, and went upstairs on the rooftop gazebo and se the view, it was lovely. And the next morning, we bike..wohooo, and then hoop on the treadmill, shower, and then gossip again.
It was a lovely day I had to share it with you :D perfect way to end my year. Thank you Tassha and MaryJane my little sissies.
anw, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011, dear readers! :)

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