18 Januari 2011


Spotted this beautiful photo book when I was sightseeing at my School's last yearly programme, PUNAKAWAN. I eyed a stand that sell some stuff like graphic t-shirt, canvas bags, notebook and some more Indonesian themed stuff. And on their table I saw this book and took a peek, and it felt like I had to buy it. Even though I don't know what I'm going to do about this book. But still, I don't mind spending my money on good art.

So it's basically a book filled in with photos of TEGUH KARYA's movies back then. I think I've seen his work before in my history class, I'm not sure. But I figured he's an amazing Indonesian film maker. Judging from the pictures inside this book. This is is so cool I had to spare some details to you all.

Again I found myself loving the simple concept of this book's design and how it is so clean and spacey. The simple font with black and red as the colors. Making the black and white pictures pop even more and speaks for themselves. And not too many words are written in this book. Just on some of the parts, quite enough for some explanations.

As I told you before, little words can be found on some of the pages. I love them so much. They are so heartwarming yet smart. I have no idea where they came from or who wrote them, to be honest.

Just want to remind you all that our nation (Indonesia) have been great before. And I love every bit of the history of our Nation's heroes and how we get here. Things might seems heavy these days. Maybe for our country or also our personal issues. But this book reminds me that we still got what it takes. I thinkcan start by searching something to inspire us, like another TEGUH KARYA's works and watch them. Or maybe make our own someday, right? :D

Just a little bit pissed I didn't pay attention to the stand where I got this book. I mean about what they do and what they are. And now I'm totally lost. But well for more photos click my facebook page, go to photo albums and click SOLILOQUY. Have a great week!

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