26 Januari 2011

Maple Leaf

Being an 11th grader, I realized I probably should start to consider my future education. And of course I've been constantly thinking about college/university plans because I realise how time flies so quickly and I don't want to rush about this one. As if now of course I've been considering studying overseas other than at some of the top univerisites that we have here in Indonesia. But I also know there are some few conditions that I have to think of when it comes to studying away from this country. It's not going to be easy but then again, why not? I mean if we want to be succeded sometimes we have to take chances and good opportunities in life.
Now, I've been thinking about a few possible countries, and that is Australia and Canada. But mostly I really think that Canada might be great!

This afternoon at school, I spotted something really interesting. I saw a poster about blog competition for high school students by Canada Education Services International (CESI). The ad was really interesting and beside, blogging is one of my favorite things to do on my spare time. Well, CESI is basically an Institution that will help students to bridge the needs and opportunities between Canada and Indonesia in field of education. And that means this institution can help us find the right college and University, and also give us some preparation such as based curriculums and training materials, and other stuff too.

I got really interested and did some research right away. One of my senior is studying in Canada, Toronto to be exact. She said that it is a very good place to study. Canada is located in North America, so far away from Indonesia but then again it seems like a really cool place to stay, learn some things and have a great experience. Some of the most interesting things I read is about the history, which is the European colonization in around year 1000 and also French colonization. So Historically Canada has been influenced a lot by British and French, other than the aboriginal cultures and traditions.

I also like the Culture in Canada. I like the fact that they have a diverse makeup of nationalities and cultures and... even better, constitutional protection for policies that promote multiculturalism rather than just a single national myth. Although in some parts the cultural identitiy of the local Canadians are still strong. But Indonesia has the same thing too! And since art is also something that I also intrested in, I did a little peek about some of the famous art there in Canada, just because art is another thing that I put as a consideration as my further education hehe :)

So basically I thought Canada is such a great place to study! I can totally see myself living there and experience how great the fall season in Canada (which I always wonder how beautiful it would be like, with all the maple leaves!) and have a good education that I'm sure will do good for my future. So for now, I will keep the dream big and seek for much more opportunities. It's not the easiest thing but who knows what could happen if we're willing to try our best and put out mind into something.

So that's it for tonight. I hope my thoughts tonight will do good for you too, dear readers! Enjoy your week!

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