5 Januari 2011

Less Is More Indeed!

Recently just adicted to a store I spotted months ago in Plaza Indonesia, named Muji. What's so great about this store is the fact that they have everything! From clothes (which I'm not too crazy about) and footwear, great canvas bags, great stationary, storage, furniture, bathrooms or cooking equipments and lots of more. Ad what's even better is the design concept which is very very simple. And that's exactly what I love about it.

I have this thing for simple basic stuffs, because they sorta make me inspired to do something to make it look different. Or maybe just let it be that way, because they look good and clean ;) And also I very much like wooden stuffs or things that have colors like wood, or pastels color like vanilla color or shades of soft brown.
I very much love their stationaries. They have the best wooden color stuffs and great set that you can costumize. Some in affordable prize, some are..not so cheap.

The point is, this store really inspire me a lot. Maybe you should check it out. And even better, it's going to be open soon in Grand Indonesia. Yayness.

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