5 Januari 2011

Frankie From Nadia

Days ago back in the middle of December 2010, a friend of mine who was my senior on High School and also my marching band mate who used to be our Field Commander visited our band on our Family Day. She go to school in Australia, her name is Nadia.

She bought me a little something, which is a magazine called Frankie. What's so interesting about this is, this is almost like Australia's NYLON. But I could really spot the difference. It's basically a magazine for youngsters there. NYLON is a bit more colorful and full of pop art, and FRANKIE is a bitttt more simple.

These are some of the amazing art on the magazine. Very much different from what I used to see on magazine like NYLON or any other ones.
And things I love too is the layout of the articles and pages. It is very simple and great to look at. I don't mean to harm anything but magazines here in Indonesia usually use a very crowded layout it is almost annoying to look at.

The Fashion is also very interesting. And they featured some of the great stores in AU and also some great ideas like unusual christmas tree. It is almost annoyingly fun to watch. Annoying because I suddenly feel like the most unproductive and uncreative person in the universe.

Anyhoo,this magazine inspire me so much to do alot of stuff. Starting on this little page of mine :)
Wish me luck!!

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