26 Januari 2011


I did some research about the great things I could find in Canada, and I got some great articles about the festivals in Canada and what Canadians celebrate every year. They really show me a lot about people in Canada. I got super excited to visit Canada some time in the future because they have the best festivals ever! They have everything from great films, food, culinary, culture, music, and also good art festivals! These are some of the awesome festivals that they have;

The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

Jazz and Blues are my favorite music genre and I was so thrilled when I found out that Canadians have an event that features both of them! The festival is famous for presenting the best in established and up-and-coming talent, great musical and a touch of the unexpected. It was first held in 1991, and that is 3 years before I was born. It's located in Fredericton's beautiful and historic downtown for six days each September as hundreds of world class performers appear on dozens of stages. So Cool! For more info click http://www.harvestjazzandblues.com/

Niagara Falls CAA Winter Festival of Lights

It is an event held every holiday season in the famous Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. We can see from the name of the event, this Festival turns Niagara Falls into a winter wonderland with over 3 million sparkling lights along the 5km route. There's also Niagara Falls ice skating, also events like the Christmas concert series, and so on. This has become a family tradition for the locals and also visitors from around the world on winter getaways. I can imagine how beautiful it must be! Info click http://www.wfol.com/

The Calgary Stampede, Calgary

Every year more more than one billion people visit this festival to partake in this 10-days party held every July. It features the good old fashioned hospitality of the locas combined with cultural diversity. It's a great outdoor event located out of town in the heart of Canadian Rockies. Sounds fun, yes?

CONTACT Photography Festival

I also checked out the article about an event called CONTACT Photography Festival. It is so interesting! CONTACT is an annual month long festival of photography with over 1000 local, national and international artists at more than 200 venues across the Greater Toronto Area in May. Can you imagine that? A thousand artist! That makes it the largest photography event in the world! CONTACT is devoted to celebrate, and foster an appreciation of the art and profession of photography. And of course I figured there must be a lot of good art to enjoy so I'm really looking forward to attend this huge festival someday! For info about this festival click http://www.scotiabankcontactphoto.com/
Good Fun, eh? :)

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