12 Desember 2010


Today, me along with the girls from photo class had a little photo session at OKTAGON studio. It was a lot of fun. Well, the most fun part is actually because of my annoyingly funny friends. I was so happy I finally got a chance to catch up with them and had a lot of good times this weekend. I desperately needed that.

We got a couple of shifts, i got the last shift. But to be honest I haven't quite enjoying it because each shift only got 45 minutes to shoot. Yes, that's what happens when unemployed high school students are the ones who pay.

Anyway, these are some of my works. This blog is pretty much the only page I have to keep my work posted. I mean any kinds of works and stuff. Forgive me if these look like stuffs from a newbee. Well in fact, I am. :/

Today was fun. And so was last night. Had a super HUGE dinner with bunch of friends at Poste, The East. I got 4 rounds. drinks, appetizer, main, dessert, and dessert again. Well, actually that's 5 but what the hell. Tomorrow I dine in hell. So I might as well ate everything I want.

Peace yo.

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