10 Desember 2010


k, here's the thing. I've been real busy because of Grand Prix Marching Band '10 and things and i've been determined to be 100% FOCUSED and WIN THIS THING. oh yeah.
i refuse to back down after all the tears and the sweats and putting myself through so much pressure and unbelievable pain in my ass and my feet and my whole body and my brain. It's not a joke. It sucks, especially when someone's telling you that you suck.

But then again, i remember that we're going through this together. as a team. one band one sound, right? and at the end of the day it's all going to be payed off. Not by money, or maybeeeeeeeeee it might be not by a title as a champion or a trophy. but something bigger than that.


GO FIGHT WIN, Putri Santa Ursula Marching Band. I can't believe id say this but I love you. I cant deny it. LOL. after all the time we have spent and the shit we have got and the things we have worked and the pain we have gone through together. I have to love you. LOL

prove to our wonderful coaches that we are capable of doing this set.

p.s don't forget to take the vitamin pill everyday, we'll need it.

p.s if AM said we suck we can always try again....and that is.....until 26th of december and that means 2 WEEKS TO GO. enjoy the pain, people. xox

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