2 Desember 2010

Nothing Like Home Pt. 1

On my photography class, We were given an assignment to make photos for our upcoming photo exibition on My school's yearly programme which is PUNAKAWAN, will be held on January. And the theme is all Indonesian, like the culture and stuff. Because i was busy doing stuffs, i ended up working on it a day before the deadline (of course) and got what i needed.

I love making concept photo and I personally think that concept photo is kinda what I'm good at so I did that. And I just love playing with my DSLR because i could go on and explore things into another concept and ideas. After i got my portfolio, i found an idea to make a photo essay for my lovely blog :D

I found this book from my gram's old junks, and decided to make a wayang story using the book as the backgrounds, So enjoy!


Part 1

Long ago, there were two free-spirited men who had been bestfriends as long as they could remember. One day, The two bestfriends were walking on the seaside. Talking about how plain and boring their life was. They have done all sort of interesting thing to do but things seemed kinda slow. They wanted to travel.

And at that momment, they saw a big ship!

And so the two bestfriend went on that ship. It was heading to some part of Europe. And on the boat, they saw a lot of things. The boat was huge, but also crowded. They saw a lot of people, different from what they've seen at home.

But actually, the place felt weird for both of them. The people were slightly different. It was nothing like home.

After so many days on the sea, they finally arrived. And so the two bestfriends walked and went around the place. And someday when they were walking, they found a building.

And then the two bestfriends got in to the bar to see how it go.

After a momment, the two bestfriends felt strange. The place was strange, and the people was strange. It was nothing like home.

And so, the two bestfriends decided to continue their journey, away from home.


2 komentar:

  1. itu kyut amat! hebat bisa nemu barang zadul gitu! bridge to the seven seas! sound kool you knooww

  2. iya yaaa imut banget kan bukunya super keren. iya aku juga enggak tahu kok aku bisa nemu. sebenernya itu aku belom ijin omaku loh but oh well :D