28 Desember 2010


This is going to be my review for the amazing time i had throughout my journey with my team, Putri Santa Ursula Marching Brass in our last Grand Prix Marching Band Championship.

At first it was a hell of a rough time. Having a responsibility not just for myself but also for others is very hard. And yes, I cried myself to sleep. Yes, i feel pain all over my body and sometimes even found myself thinking about too much stuff and worrying over all of those stuffs. But the reason i feel that is because I care about our team, especiall the Trumpet Players. We've been through so much together as a team. And I trully grateful for that.
Training Center was a hell of a ride, but we finally able to get through it even with some struggles. But we didn't quit, and we gave our best. That's what matters the most.
I remember our head coach said, The most important battle to win is within ourself. It is in our own mind, our own heart. And I am proud to say that we've finally conquer ourelves, and also the battle itself.
Being with you guys for the past 2 weeks had been amazing. It teaches me so much as a person. I remember when Our Coach gave me some critics, I took it really bad. I've been struggling so much to prove something, first I thought i was trying to prove that to our coach, but in the end I was only trying to prove that I can do this to my own self. And even that I was able to finally prove that I got it on the last minute, it feels amazing.

Playing on the field was the best moment, I will not forget and will always have it close to my heart. This is probably going to be my last Grand Prix show ever since I'm leaving in 2 years. And in 2 weeks I've learn SO MUCH about teamwork, battle studies, taste and so much more.
When I think about it, It didn't seems like i really missed it but I just feel that something's missing. I can't really describe the feeling.

I can't tell you how much I'm grateful for what we've had. I have finally felt you guys are my home at heart because of how much we've been through. And I want to thank each one of you guys for being a part of such amazing experience for me.

And also, thanks to the Trumpet Players. We did it, 1st place Best Hornline.
my visual and marching manufering staffs, 1st place visual oh yeah
and PSUMB. 1st Place divisi sekolah.

Huge thanks to kak Andreas Manalu. great teacher, Do i really need to say more. I can't thank you enough.

Thank You :")

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