31 Desember 2010

Now That It's Over

Now that GPMB is over, it feels so weird having nothing to worry about. I go to school and seeing all the preparation for Punakawan and how everybody is so busy doing it. It reminds me of how I used to give my hardest and best work for my team. Winning feels great, It feels like we're the heroes of our school. I miss having excuses to bail on other responsibilities other than Marching Band work such as going to school and having nothing to do on days like this.

I feel like something's missing. I suddenly remember what my great coach said, That when you win, the feelings are great. But it only lasts for a momment, or probably 2 days or so. The prize is nothing compare to what we've experienced. Trophys are like bananas, you have it for days and they will just rot very fast, as he said.
Now it seems like everybody has really forgotten about the championship. But not for me. I will hold on to the memories, even though sometimes they get me really emotional and sad because of how much this time it really means to me.

I realized I've grown so much inside, and that's what really surprised me. And It is also comforting to know that finally I achieved something big in my life. For myself and also for others, without considering what I will get if i make it. :')

photo credits all by Nadia Pramudita

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