12 November 2010


Oke I only have a gut to say it here, sinci I can't really say it out loud.

1. I HATE IT AND I'm SAD THAT YOU MOVE AWAY, becoming this person I don't recognize anymore, I don't know wether you push me away, or I push you away or the situation is just not working. I just, wished it didn't have to go down that way. But I guess people change.

2. I only wanna be a part of something. I know I maybe not going to be good enough, pretty enough, awesome enough or anything enough but for once I want to stop feeling like shit okay. For once, I just wanna feel awesome because tell ya what in my 16 years of existence I NEVER DID OKAY. I NEVER FEEL REALLY GOOD, except one when my dad took me to ride a bycicle when I was 5.

3. For my mom, I think the problem is we don't talk. We shout. And no I think the problem is not me wanting an Ice cream but me wishing you will go home with my fave ice cream with you just for me.

4. But then again, you told me once how you wished I'd make u a cup of tea every evening when you're home but I never did.

So I think, it's just gonna go on that way.

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