21 Oktober 2010

Nothin' But The Blues

Last Saturday on the 16th to be exact I attend the Djarum Super Jakarta Blues Festival that was held on Istora Senayan. When I heard about this, i got really excited and turned out i had lots of good fun. I went there with Dania Putri, Inggrid Anggraeni, Tannia Meyana, and Geraldine Supit. Anyway, i brought my lovely camera but guess what, i found out that i forgot to bring my camera batery. I was pretty upset but oh well. All the photo credits goes to the amazing Ardania Kirana Putri

The atmosphere was great, there were a lot of people there but not to crowded like The Java Jazz Festival and the place was okay. I didn't expect some of the people's wardrobe that attended the show. Some wear boots and freaky stuff, some wear heels and Beach hat, or leather jackets and everything. It was pretty hot.

I came late, so i missed the amazing performance from these guys. They're SOULMATE, a band from India. Pretty much awesome. They're Tips and Rudy, looks organic.

Next i watched, again, the amazing performance by The Jakarta Broadway Team. I love the stage. I love the songs and the singers, dancers and those who played instruments. It looks so glittery and sparkly. And those of you who watched their last performance called Dream Girls probably would've been fell in love with these youngsters already.

Next, I saw one of my favourite rock bands ever, The S.I.G.I.T. I saw a very hot stage with 4 awesome guys playing with a hell of a skill. They shouted once that since it was Java Blues Fest they're going to play Punk Blues. Cute. I don't need to mention how cool they are because i can go on all day.

And also, i stopped by and see Oppie Andaresta and BOP, a woman, singer from Indonesia. Great music great band, and then she did a little duet with a charming singer named Kara Grainger whose voice i love so much. So heartwarming and beautiful. Then moved to the Highlight of the night!
Gugun Blues Shelter!
The mighty Gugun Blues Shelter!! sexy.

I love this guys so so so so much they're music is freaking awesome i literally have no words to describe how cool they are. I guess you just have to see by yourself! That's my favourite Drummer, Aditya Wibowo a.k.a Bowie :) He's so sweet i'd love to lick him :9
getting pictures and autographs didnt requite too much effort :D

I did see Endah N Rheza, and so many other awesome musician performed on This year's JBF. I definately looking forward to watch again next year.

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