18 September 2010


How many nights that I cried myself to sleep.
How many nights that I spent to think about how imperfect I am.
And that I have failed you. And that I never going to be good enough for you.
How many nights that I cried because I was afraid.
And that I can't really talk about it.

Because if I talk about it then its real.
Though it is. But everyday I fight myself to admit it.

How many times I hide my face from my friends when I was crying.
And nobody ever know I feel so tiny. So useless. So broken. So alone.

I am sorry.
I hate myself everyday.
But I can't bear to think that I'm not the only one who hates myself.

It's just too much.
If I could die I would so you don't have to give shit.
But I was too afraid to do that. I was too afraid of anything.

But I feel sorry everynight. I do.
I have tried my best. I did.
I just keep failing.

I feel so alone.

1 komentar:

  1. hey you're not alone baabee and yes nobody's perfect but you are as perfect as God created you! dont cry and dont you ever think about how imperfect you are because you are NOT. :)