23 September 2010


A Self Portrait of The Artist Three Days Before His Methaporic Retirement

A Self Portrait of The Artist (in her own mind) Before Her Metaphoric Bed Time

"My whole life I've hated going to bed. I like falling asleep instead. Falling asleep is so much better than going to bed because you don't get tangled up in logistics. Falling asleep happens for you, even if it means waking up at eight to the sun assaulting your eyes with a block of metalvideos are playing on VH1 Classic. Then all yp have to do is scamper over to your bed where you can capitalize on how fresh the memory of how to sleep is and instantly dip back into
slumber. Going to bed invites performance anxiety. Going to bed means you have to confront
a final moment on consciousness. I'm not a fan. I hope you all fall asleep well tonight."
John C Mayer and his awesome tumblr.

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