23 September 2010

Have it Printed.

Been thinking about 1,700-something photos of me i have on my facebook account. I made it private (because i wasn't feel so comfortable having people stalk my facebook photos--or is it just me who does that? ;p) (or i wasn't too comfortable having people see my fugly candid pictures, that too)

Back to the point, i have so many nice photos that people tagged on my facebook profile but after a while i would have forgotten because they've been replaced by another photos of events that happens earlier. And that means, those photos will have lost their meanings. Which is to picture moments so that we can remember those moments by looking at it. If you keep them on facebook for some period of time until it becomes your 19837297th photos, then you're going to forget you had that photos or maybe the fact that you had those moments.

technology has clearly affected our life, we may think that it made our life easier but life's not fun if things are too simple. For example i hate it when people sending me a 'happy birthday' or 'merry christmas' via SMS or emails, or even twitter. I used to get really excited when people gave each other a birthday or christmas cards. We have lost something we used to like. And in this case, im sure we all have experienced how it feels when we take pictures and excited to have it printed, stick it to a photo albums or perhaps our bedroom walls.

so i say, print at least one best photos of every events that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Especially when you're still young and allowed to have fun!

otherwise, buy a polaroid camera ;)

start clicking your shutter people!

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