24 September 2010

And Beyond

Kind of afraid for the next two weeks I'm going to face. This week and last week had been fun. I love my friends at my class more and more everyday it feels like we're pretty much a family now. I mean, yeah maybe I get alone at times or feel like I don't fit in but I'm sure a lot of people are having the same issues as I am, or maybe worse. I just want to keep myself at the right track. And sometimes, growing up is not an easy bussines.

But hey, I'm not a grown up. So I'm trying as much as I can not to be too hard on myself. I mean ya, insecurities are normal right? And I'm going to have a lot of things going ahead of me. I can't keep feeling like crap and I'm tired of being one, so maybe I just have to learn how to walk away.

Life is never fair to anyone. That's how it goes. If life's a bitch, we gotta bitch back. Cause maybe, being a bitch is the only thing a girl can hold on to. And that's okay.
But how about, of all things that you and I can start first.
Self acceptance.

Its a challenge.

Ne passez pas trop de temps Comprendre les cl├ęs de la vie. Ils sont juste en face de vous. Parfois, ce que vous pouvez faire. Est d'attendre.
Google translate it ;;) cheers!

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