5 Agustus 2010

Wanna Get Puked?

August 5 at 1:00 pm

hey. i owe you an apology. yes it won't change anything, but it's the intention that counts. i'm not a good friend. i'm not. i know that and you're not the first to notice this. i was pms-ing when i sent you the text. so maybe i said things to harshly. i'm not good with the distance. i can't , for some reason, keep up with some many lives... i can't even keep up with mine. ok since this won't change anything, i'll end this apology right here. again. im sorry. for real.

August 5 at 2:19pm

me too. i know i know, when i told someone about the whole weird friendship long distance relationship and stuff he told me that maybe you have found another 'regina' there and stuff and also you probably have something called LIFE, u know. i kinda get it know. you are a good friend, you just far far away so you kinda disfunctioned (?)

maybe its not you put maybe its me :)
im sosososososossososooo sorryyyy

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