8 Agustus 2014

I Moved!

Weirdly enough I finally got an urge to start writing on this page again as I got back to my place just now.

Anyways, exciting news: I just moved to a new place. Been here for about three days now, and I'm loving my new space. One thing about moving is, I realized I had too much clutters and ended up throwing 80% of my stuff that I was trying to hold on to for so long. Moving is for sure not an easy job to do, but I got it done. At least I finished sorting out stuff and put the place together, though the space isn't look exactly as much as I'd liked it to be but I decided to take my time to do some more decorating.

I decided that I'm into green plants right now. They looks so fresh and organic.


I've also been obsessed and much inspired by a bunch of videos on the Internet that features interior design with industrial designed spaces. Tiny Houses with a bunch of smart and space efficient furnitures with a bunch of hidden storage, rooms with plants and neutral color schemes, etc. I kinda want my space to have the same feel.

16 Juni 2014


Wow, it's been a while since the last time I wrote anything here. Not that anyone read my blog, but I've had this space forever. I felt bad for the fact that the whole blogging thing that used to be a big deal isn't that big of a deal anymore.

I feel like I've lost myself somewhere I can't reckon. I can't point out things I love anymore, things I'm sure I'm pretty good at, people who I really love and really love me. I just turned twenty a couple of weeks ago. It scared the hell out of me. I feel like time is running and I got nothing I have, nothing to loose yet nothing to gain.

6 Maret 2014

Travel - Pacitan // Pantai Klayar


The first beach we went to, not to shabby right? The beach was nice, but the water is dangerous to swim. So I spent my whole time there camping. Our campground was nice! Kita milih spot diatas tebing dengan pemandangan karang & Pantai Klayar. Asik banget deh.

Cowok - cowok yang masak dan bikin tenda, cewe duduk doang hehehe. Sorenya kita makan indomi gitu, trus bikin api makan kacang dan ngobrol2 gitu sampe malem. Temen gue dua orang curhat terus. Oh ya, ini pengalaman gue pertama kali beneran camping di alam bebas gitu. Sebelomnya pernah tidur di tenda tapi di halaman rumah hahaha cupu banget nggak? Makanya gue seneng banget hari itu :)

17 Februari 2014

Travel: Pacitan - The Cave

Impulsive trip always turned out to be the best, don't you think? About a week ago I was offered by a friend of mine to go backpacking to Pacitan. I had no idea what the place is all about, so I googled and found out that the place has wonderful caves and beach attractions. So without further ado, I said yes.

It was eight of us, one pretty close friend and 7 strangers. Perjalanan 10 jam naik kereta gitu, sampe di stasiun Lempuyangan, Yogyakarta terus lanjut ke Pacitan naik mobil kira - kira 5 jam pake nyasar - nyasar gitu d. Tapi seru banget sih. Perhentian pertama kita Goa Gong.

Dikasih nama Goa Gong karena stalagtit dan stalagmit nya bisa bunyi kayak gong kalau dipukul. Begitu masuk kedalem, gue sangat amazed sih. Goa nya lumayan besar, masuknya nanjak gitu. Di dalem goa sangat lembab dan panas, lumayan sesek napas juga jalan ngiterinnya. Tapi dengan pencahayaan dan pemandangan stalagtit dan stalagmitnya worth-it kok. Akses di dalem goa juga lumayan, ada pegangan dan dibikin jalur tangga memutar gitu.

Btw, Pacitan dijuluki kota 1001 goa lho. Jadi seharusnya masih banyak lokasi wisata goa yang bisa di cek. Sayangnya karena kemaren ini short trip, jadi kita cuma datengin satu (sisa 1000 lagi deh hehe) karena enggak ada banyak waktu untuk datengin goa lain.

6 Februari 2014

Recent Obsession: ACNE STUDIOS

Acne Studios (Ambition to Create Novel Expression), was founded in StockholmSweden, in 1996. Acne Studios designs, markets, and distributes fashion apparel and jeans worldwide. I was started to be really aware of their clean-cut, chic design since it started to be all over tumblr and magazines.